Q Care Full Body Sling With Clips

Our Q Care Full Body Sling with clips is designed for comfort and safety. It is suitable for use as an in situ/leave in Sling when using a hoist with stud fixings. This sling is available in 3D spacer, poly and mesh fabric. This sling is manufactured in a subtle muted blue colour.

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Product Description

• Full body support suitable for complex scenarios
• Option of adding bones in the back of the sling
• Available in blue spacer, polyester or mesh fabric
• Wash to 71˚C complies with recognised infection control regulations
• Woven labels so no fading in the wash
• Innovative service label makes it clear when the next sling service is due

Additional Information


available in 3D spacer, poly and mesh fabric.

Maximaal draagcapaciteit

Safe working Load 230KG (36 Stone)


Clip fixing 4x


2 standard


Standard 3